[thechat] Cap'n Ron's 115th Dream (was RE: I want a new job!)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri May 25 10:16:11 CDT 2007

Martin Burns noted:


(Gotta love the Budapesh 'cowsicle'!)

And that he 

>>has seen Cowparade in 4 cities so far, and photographed 2 of them:
>>http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinb/tags/cowparade )

Hi Martin!

How delightfully whimsical!

Ya know, I've seen the little collectible copies of these guys in uppity
knick-knack shoppes for years.  I've never actually bought one, not yet
anyway, but I have admired a number of the wryly witty little moo-ers.  

Yet somehow I missed the bigger milkpail.  I never realized those
boogers were 'souvenirs' commemorating the larger full-size parade guys:

Very neat.  They seem to have sprung some imitators as well.  There were
some similarly whimsical oversized cowboy boots on public art display
outside Bush Intercontinental not too long ago.  And I've seen some
whimsical weiner dog art pieces for sale recently as well.


Now *that's* how you hang art:

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