[thechat] acoustic to electric

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri May 25 12:11:39 CDT 2007

Erika noted:

>>"acoustic to electric" -- did you mean in that one song, "box"?  
>>that was all the same guitar; the verse clean the chorus had a big
muff on it.

Eeeeek!  Oh Man!  <Quickly goes back and relistens to "box" />  Rats!
Totally my bad.  Dunno where the heck my ears and/or brain cells were
that day.  Oh well.  Hopefully they sent me a nice postcard. 

(At least I have _that_ to look forward to. Maaaaaan. D'oh!)

>>Seems like almost everything I write sounds like a little like "house
of the rising sun."

You say that like it's a bad thing.  ;-)

Hmmm. Sounds almost like you're stuck, stuck in, stuck in a.  Dang!
Can't think of the word for that thing. 


As the suckiest musicat here, I'll lead off the suggestion list!

(1) Metronome.  Great way to play with pace.  Jack that sucker into
doubletime the next pass though.  You may or may not like the change,
but it will sound different.

(2) Rhythm games.  Try playing through one of your tunes with a Bo
Diddley jangle, a mambo rhythm, or a 'Girl from Ipanema' bossa nova
beat.  Gives a serious mood swing.  Again, may (and probably will) be
totally inappropriate - but may spark something cool.

(3) And, speaking of mood swings!!  Take a few minutes to sing something
completely different and/or antagonistic to the vibe you are going for.
Choose anything from deathly dark to stupidly upbeat, ('Walking on
Sunshine' works for me.  Feel free to change the words if you want.
"I'm tripping on Quaaludes.  Oh Yeah.  And don't it feel GOOD!" [1] fits
the same timing, right?).  Sing it as loudly as you can for 3 or 4
minutes. Now carry that forward into your own song.  Again, you may not
*like* the change, but change there will be!

Anyone else got some ideas?


[1] You laugh.  In my car, with the windows down, beating time on the
steering wheel, at a stoplight, it gets me right-of-way every time!

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