[thechat] Design of a cocktail menu

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Tue Jul 10 18:05:46 CDT 2007

> So here's my question: Do you think it's worth my while to 
> describe each 
> cocktail like I describe my food?

since you're asking for opinion rather than objective rules, I say yes.
I love to read that my margarita is made with exactly this kind of
tequila, has that brand of triple sec and a splash of grand marnier, and
uses only kosher salt and fresh-squeezed key lime juice, and gives me my
choice of white or gold tequila, blended or on the rocks, tall glass or
wide glass, blah blah blah.

if the menu describes the topography of the hillside where my tequila
was once the sap of a blue agave, I'll probably read it. 

I might be the exception, though ;)


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