[thechat] my entry for 'Scar Like a Pirate' Day

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jul 13 14:21:38 CDT 2007

The new & improved Joel 'Dueling Scar' Canfield noted:

>>skin cancer + reconstructive surgery = interesting scars

Hey Joel,

The scars are cool man!  Give ya a 'Johnny Cash' kinda vibe.  Bummer
losing yer 'pretty boy' endorsement contracts ... but hey, beats
for tats, right?  Besides the scars give ya great street cred!  I think
oughta save that photo for your upcoming acoustic gangsta release. (You 
remember? The one with the 'Hampstah from Hell' single.)

But that's all kinda besides the point isn't it? ... 

What's the word on the important stuff? 

- Confidence high that they got everything?  
- No chemo, radiation, interferon, or faith healer treatments planned or

anything, right?  
- Plannin to be around to scare off Fiona's dates with that new mug of
- You DO know those get ya a discount at yer local Harley dealer
- At the very least you won't be getting any more lip about that Amchara
title of yours ... well ... at least not in person anyway!

Congratulations on getting things taken care of.  

Kudos to the family for putting up with you for putting them through
this too!

One year out and counting!  ;-)

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