[thechat] Tivo Question

Sean German smgerman at comcast.net
Sat Jul 28 19:15:32 CDT 2007

> > How does she extract that file from the Tivo in a format 
> she can email 
> > to me or burn to a CD-R for me?
> http://www.tivo.com/mytivo/domore/tivotogo/index.html


(Presuming we're talking about a series 2 tivo...)

TiVo recordings can also be downloaded through a web browser.  She'd point
the browser to 
https://[tivo ip addy]  (make sure you get the s in https)

login name: tivo
password: Her Media Access Key (which can be found through "Manage My
Account" at tivo.com/tco)

This allows downloads of .tivo files.

A utility like Direct Show Dump http://www.prish.com/etivo/tbr.htm will
convert to .mpg

(If we're talking about series 1 or something like DirectTV tivo which,
IIRC, does not support TiVoToGo or the web browser method above, you may
want to look at something like TiVoWeb or TiVoWeb Plus.  

There is also the old fashioned capture the output, either to VCR,
stand-alone DVD burner, PC with video capture.  I believe this is the only
option for the newer series 3/HD tivos.)

Good luck.


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