[thechat] Tivo Question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jul 31 09:41:17 CDT 2007

Sean German provided much needed and much detailed Tivo download

Thank You Sean!



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Per eavesdropped conversations heard elsewhere and anon over the past
day or so; an offering for ... 

Zealotsig of the day: 

"A cup of tea?!?!  Oh I DO wish you people would stop saying that.  It's
just not accurate!  Tea is not a drink!  It's a green leafy plant
flourishing best in a moist tropical to warm-temperate climate.  Oh
sure, you may want a 'cup of really really warm water infused or steeped
with the carefully dried and crumbled leaves of aforementioned green
leafy plant' but I hardly think you would want a 'cup of tea'!

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