[thechat] Tivo Question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Aug 1 07:40:36 CDT 2007

Joel asked:

>>I didn't sound *too* over the top Over Yonder, did I? 'cause, 
>>I originally wrote your tea sig almost verbatim before I changed 
>>to something less sarcastic and inflammatory. which is why this 
>>made me laugh.

Hi Joel,

Naw - I think you hit just the right tone.  (Which is kind of funny cuz
I was thinking you had rewritten to tone things down. Meh.)

I was disappointed cuz you left me all this great room to come in over
the top ... (classic 'good geek' - 'bad geek' right?) ... but I was
slammed with end of quarter work balogna and couldn't crash the party in
time.  Wah!    ;-(

Hope the recovery is going well!

Random Tangent: Have you seen these?  I saw them in a store here last
week but got vetoed for picking some up.  Now they are in auctions all
over the place.  'Elvis' peanut butter and banana Reese's cups:

Random Link:  'leet shoes!

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