[thechat] the bridge!

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Aug 2 07:53:37 CDT 2007


WTF!!! that is completely insane.

I remember going over that bridge last Feb visiting my grandparents in 
St. Louis Park.... it seems like w/ bridges, I always worried about the 
old ones to having problems... but seems like maybe its the modern ones 
to worry about.  It's mindblowing to me, that they had no idea that 
anything was wrong... I'm so glad that school bus made it to safety.

Also.  You prob know, but be careful w/the pills.  I spent the better 
part of a year in a very difficult benzo withdrawal simply because I'd 
got in the habit of taking 1 ativan per day.  I had a lot of panic 
attacks for a while too.


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