[thechat] the bridge!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Aug 3 07:53:51 CDT 2007

Mr. Joel correctly noted that sideways driving is not *always* fun:

>>in a '64 GMC truck pulling a 16' trailer (for a total length of over

Hi Joel,

Well no, that would not be fun.  But in an '85 GTI?  That's a lot
shorter, a lot more nimble, and a lot more fun.

When I'ma driving "the rig" [1] I don't want nothing to do with no
sideways neither!  Heck it's enough of a pain dealing with the Civics on
steroids that cut in front of me and slam on their brakes to turn into
MacaDonalds, apparently having flunked elementary physics and thinking I
can stop this mass 'o mass as quickly as their little grumble bee!
><Squish 'Em!  Squish 'Em All!><

[1] '05 Suburban (18'+) towing boat for total length within a smidgen or
two of 48'.  It takes a different kind of smoothness and alertness to
drive.  Not to mention the mental gymnastics required to calculate
whether you can get that gorilla in _and_ back out of the next gas
station / rest stop!

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