[thechat] Air Purifier Gizmos?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Sep 5 14:06:27 CDT 2007

Hi Gang,

Been thinking about picking up one of them room air purifier thingummys.

Anybody know anything about those?  Do they really help folks with
allergies - or izzit all a buncha malarkey?  

Maybe it's onna them 'it depends'?  I don't really wanna spend thousands
on some whole house Swiss or Swedish (ever notice how these are always
made in countries that start with the letter "S"?) HEPA rated
multi-tonnage "system" with radiation germ-killer laser-headed shark
technology! ... Although, I have to admit, those little laser-headed
shark critters ARE friggin' adorable!  Nope, I'm hoping to 'cheap out'.
I'm more interested in a stand-alone no-filter room unit in a more
reasonable price range. Like maybe a middle of the road Sharper Image
unit kind of thing.

I mean, seriously, some of these boogers have replaceable filters that
cost more than I want to pay for the whole darn unit.  Like pretty much
all the ones on this page: http://www.airpurifiers.com/products/iqair/
$300+ for gas cartridge filter replacements?  I don't think so!

I don't think I need quite that kind of quality.  I don't need hospital
or chip manufacturing 'clean room' kind of clean.  I'm not planning on
running a home 'alien abduction probe retraction service' ... Well, at
least not until maybe *after* I retire ... "It's all right Miss.  I'm a
trained professional!"  ... So I don't think I need things quite that
high quality, yet anyway.

So, basically I guess the question is - How crazy do you have to spend
to get one that is actually effective?


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