[thechat] Air Purifier Gizmos?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Sep 5 16:21:54 CDT 2007

Hassan Schroeder noted:

> Like maybe a middle of the road Sharper Image unit kind of thing.

>>My wife was all over that idea a few years ago, so we got one of 
>>the $300+ jobs, a "Quadra" I think. It collected black guck on the 
>>filter element, but it was so *NOT* silent, getting progressively 
>>worse to the point I couldn't sleep with it running ... so we junked

Hi Hassan,

Whoa!  Sorry it didn't work out for you.  But thanks for the heads up
warning me off!  That's a big help!

Yeah.  Your furry critters may have been too much for it to deal with.
But I just saw this comparison test where one of the Sharper Image units
(and an Oreck or two I was also looking at) didn't seem to fare too

[Double hairy rats!  That Alen A350 didn't look too bad - but the
filters are $140 a year!  Hmmmm.  I'm seeing a significant price
difference in filter prices between HEPA and non-HEPA filters.  Looks
like you have a choice of filters with some of these units.  More
research may be indicated.]


>>we just replaced our old semi-expensive-but-crappy vacuum cleaner with

>>an expensive "doesn't lose suction" job, and the amount of stuff it
>>out of the living room rug on its maiden voyage was /phenomenal/. :-)

Neat!  Those things seem pretty cool.  The technology sounds like a
really good idea.  

Ummmm.  Actually, I did some quick on-line price comparisons of the new
Dysons against the old 'big three'; Rainbow, Electrolux, and Kirby.  ALL
of the prices seem less than what I think I remember spending on mine
... 20-plus years ago.  Rats.  Looks like I got ripped off.   ;-(  Dang.
And I knew the guy too!

Of course, I *did* get every attachment in both the known and unknown
universes; the shoe polisher, the sander, the body massager, the carpet
shampooer, the paint sprayer, the zip brush, etc.  In fact, I think
there are a few things I may never have actually figured out how to use!

Oh well.  I just gave her a good cleaning recently and she's working
fine!  Now if I could just convince myself to put her to work on a more
regular basis!


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