[thechat] Taxonomic ... Auction?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 6 14:25:37 CDT 2007

Sorry.  Couldn't pass this one up.  Wow!  Talk about your 'news of the

Carolus Linneaus meets Adam Smith!

On 20-Sep-2007, the naming rights for several new marine species will be
auctioned off in Monaco.  Yeah.  Auctioned off.  Awesome.  'Melanotaenia
TacoBellii' anyone?  Or how about 'Pseudochromis QuickenLoansorus'?
'Dogfish MichaelVickii'?  

Okay.  I made that last one up.   ;-)


Unfortunately for me, opening bids are expected to be northwards of
$45k.  Dang!  Missed it by -that- much!  

Oh well, maybe somebody demure like Little Ricky Branson will buy them
all up and name them all after Page 3 girls or something.


Naming rights ... Not just for futball stadiums anymore.

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