[thechat] Taxonomic ... Auction?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Mon Sep 24 11:34:26 CDT 2007

> For some unknown reason I was, for a brief moment anyway,
> thinking that the purity of the scientific spirit would induce the
> boffin discoverers to consider their reputations and choose more
> elegant, descriptive, and "professional" names.  

Silly you.

> Silly me.

I just said that.

> The historical record certainly doesn't bear that out, does
> it?  Many creatures have been named after real or potential 
> sponsors in
> an effort to curry favor.  Why should today be any different?  Perhaps
> this is merely a bit of a more direct path. 

Um, they're charging money, right? It's not 'a direct path', it's 'a
revenue source.'

Anyone wanna name my butt cheeks? They're going for $50,000 each. No, no
tattoos; just official documentation with gold seals, etc.

> While I still cringe somewhat at the thought of future generation
> studying 'Paracheilinus TacoBellii' in class, I am 
> reluctantly becoming
> more accustomed (or perhaps inured) to the idea.  I'll be 
> fine, really;

How 'bout this particular biting louse?


(DO NOT ask why *you* made me think of a biting louse . . . )


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