[thechat] Ooooo! Trendy!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 10 10:55:55 CDT 2007

Sorry.  Prolly just me being behind the curve again.  (It happens more
and more often when you is over the hill.)

Anyway.  This struck me as particularly whack.  So I just _had_ to share

It's the website for the Houston Association of Realtors.  It's a pretty
good resource for checking local real estate by MLS number, or
subdivision name, or map area, etc.  I'm sure there are comparable real
estate sites in your area.

Here is where it gets a little strange.  The site has recently been

Yup - they added a shopping cart!   ;-)   To a real estate site!

See for yourself:

Seems rather optimistic don't you think?

Now, no it's not *really* a shopping cart.  (I just had to play with
it!)  You can't ring that brownstone up on your Visa card.  There are no
"Buy It Now" buttons.  No shipping & handling estimates.  But the
functionality that is offered is actually pretty useful.    

But I DO wish they had called it something else.


Gee - no 'shopping cart' on the Carmax site yet ... Must be onna them
'opportunitsky' things!

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