[thechat] Ooooo! Trendy!

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 10 15:29:15 CDT 2007

Joel D Canfield asked:

>>ooh; let's design one for call girls in Vegas. how you gonna put
*that* in a shopping cart?

Hi Joel,

Nevermind that ... How will we explain all of those late night client
meetings to our better halves???  Egad!  Or the 'research expenses' to
our auditors?

Sadly though, I don't think we'd get any clients.  ;-(

In a published price service industry, (like singing telegrams or floral
delivery for an example or two), prepayment through a shopping cart
would probably be welcomed with open, uh, petals? kazoos? whatevers.

However, my understanding (from extensive research involving the
watching of at least *two* old episodes of "CSI") is that upscale escort
favors are price negotiated on an individual case basis ... or sometimes
perhaps involving multiple individuals.  (Ooo La La!)  Introduction of a
shopping cart and ala cart menu would, in this instance, probably reduce
profitability and hence be, umm, undesirable.

If, on the other hand, menu-priced 'Escortateria' services exist, then
sure, why not package and sell shopping cart fun-tionality!  Hell, if
you could find a way to deliver "gift card" sales this end of the market
I'll bet they would probably, um, embrace those as well!!

I'd say "I like where you're thinking" ... But that would probably get
me into more trouble than usual.  ;-P

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