[thechat] Ideas for a theme party

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Oct 12 17:35:23 CDT 2007

.:| Hiya folks.
.:| I am planning a party at my house next weekend. Somebody 
.:| has suggested I 
.:| make it a theme night to make it a wee bit more exciting. But I am 
.:| afraid that if it's too complicated (e.g., "pirates"), 
.:| people may not 
.:| bother.
.:| So you got any ideas for themes that are relatively easy 
.:| for people to 
.:| get dressed for?
.:| -- 
.:| <<<   *   >>>
.:| Madhu Menon

The twenties?

Or do like the upper secondary my daughter goes to, and have the theme for
the prom ....


Wait for it 



Right, how do one dress up for that?

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