[thechat] two minutes of your time would help me quite a bit

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Fri Oct 26 13:07:38 CDT 2007

In another effort at self-serving self-promotion, I've submitted two
proposals to "Change This" (http://ChangeThis.com/) to write manifestos
which would support my upcoming book, "The Commonsense Entrepreneur"
(http://CommonsenseEntrepreneur.com/) and perhaps gain some much-needed

If either of these looks like something you'd find interesting, or if
you think the world needs more information like this (or, in fact, if
you think the world just needs more Joel) I hope you'll consider voting
for these - no registration or extra effort required, just click on the
button mid-page:

    Joe vs. Authority & Responsiblity

    Manners Matter

There's no money on the line here, and there aren't 'rules' so, honest,
I'm not cheating. Just promoting. So, vote for all your favorites! Or,
vote for all my favorites!

As always, thanks ever so much.


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