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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 6 09:44:03 CST 2007

>> indifferent to the idea of a few glow-in-the-dark gila monsters
>> truckin' around the Arizona desert?

Oooo!  Get me some?  The normal colored boogers used to sell for about $1200 a pop.  Glow-inna-dark????  Cha-ching!$!$

>sheesh; our only poison lizard goes nuke? THERE'S a story.

Poison!? <forehead vein starts throbbing menacingly /> Poison?!

Looks like some folks 'round heah need to watch a few more episodes of "Jack Hannah's Animal Adventures".


Heloderms are venomous, not poisonous.  Granted, they don't have a very efficient delivery mechanism since the venom drips down from their lower jaw.  So they have to chew the heck out of something to turn it into hamburger, then clamp down on it like a bulldog, then flip over on their back and then wait - letting the venom slowly drip down from their lower jaw into the wound.  Again, not a very efficient delivery mechanism.  Fortunately they have a very mellow disposition and you need a pretty drunken cowpoke to agitate them up enough to bite ya.

<Man!  Them ding-dang 'zoo nazis' IS evrywheres! Lets run 'em outta Dodge! />

>they added a blurb emphasizing that they think someone else put it in
>the truck and he probably didn't even know it was there.

I saw that.  I may even believe that.  But it made me wonder about how you would show that. [Did the contractor live in an apartment complex known to also house bomb builders who were also notorious litterbugs?]  And I did kinda wonder a bit about their motivation for including that line in the article.  [Is the editor a little pipebombshy?  Are the legal beagles heading off a potential defamation suit maybe?]

>>although, I can't imagine the thinking behind building a pipe bomb

Had an unlucky paperboy about 30 years ago who used to fool around with CO2 tubes and matchheads.  I understand they call him "Lefty" now.  Blew his hand off.  Don't remember seeing it in the news, but I do remember that the FBI *did* come around and talk to everyone along his paper route, including kids like I was at the time.  So they took this stuff seriously waaaay before 9/11.


(Who knows his velocity to such a high degree of precision that he has no clue at all where the hell he is!)

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