[thechat] relatively small?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 6 16:19:55 CST 2007

>>yeah yeah yeah; poison is when you ingest it and it
>>does you in; you could probably eat one o' them guys and not die.

Or ... "One makes you sick when you bite it ... The other makes you sick when it bites you."   :-)

>>but seriously, what's the other heloderm? I only know about the hchchceeeluh monster
Mexican beaded lizard.  Very similar critter.

Friend of mine (with 30+ years experience working at a zoo) 'borrowed' a Gila Monster to do a talk.  [Our zoo didn't have any - so he had to borrow one from one of his buddies.]  He walked around carrying that thing like a football.  They really are pretty mellow.  Neat texture too!  I just had to pet the cute little booger.


(Who, granted, _may_ have some odd ideas about what constitutes a 'cute little bugger'.)

{I eventually found out who that buddy was ... even bought some things from him ... but Man! ... I'm pretty lenient, but there really ought to be laws against keeping the kinds of critters that guy had.  Egyptian Cobras.  Red spitters.  Gaboons.  Diamondbacks.  Russells.  Buying -and- selling some seriously spooky stuff.  Not somebody you wanted to upset.  Nope.  Not at all.}

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