[thechat] Remixtastic

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Nov 18 15:33:21 CST 2007

So, much as I'd *like* to get back to the standard of performing I  
used to have, the sheer timesink involved fills me with the  
collywobbles (OK, so that's actually more about what Lucy would say to  
the idea). So I've gone for plan B: break out the copy of Garageband  
and do some music production/mixing.

And it so happens that there's a WOMAD-related project that offers  
downloads of multitrack samplepacks for you to do this with. And it  
further happens that they've a pack of one track from the the recently  
MeFi'd "Imagined Village" release that updates a number of quality  
English traditional songs.[1]

So, mix A with B, and you get:

[1] More about this at
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