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Matt Warden mwarden at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 16:52:12 CST 2008

On 1/16/08, Hassan Schroeder <hassan at webtuitive.com> wrote:
> Luther, Ron wrote:
> > This thing on?
> Jesting aside, what's happenin'? What excitement has this shiny
> new year brought to y'all?  :-)
> Revvin' your jets to enjoy the year of political wackiness?

Political whatiness? Political who-iness? Political hooey-ness?

All I can say is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douche_and_Turd

Go-live is Jan 26th. Last 18+ months of my life has been working up to
this date. Largest project I've been involved in (enterprise level; I
usually dabble in startups and whatnot), and the first one where I'm
on the management/architect/business/consultant/stealyourwatchandtellyouwhattimeitis

Keep your damn fingers crossed, would ya?


Matt Warden
Cincinnati, OH, USA

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