[thechat] *ping*

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Jan 17 09:36:51 CST 2008

MISTUH Matt Warden bragged:

>>Go-live is Jan 26th. Last 18+ months of my life has been working up
>>to this date. Largest project I've been involved in (enterprise level [...]
>>first one where I'm on the management/architect/business/consultant/
>>stealyourwatchandtellyouwhattimeitis side.

>>Keep your damn fingers crossed, would ya?

Excellent!  Good On You!   ;-)

Congrats and welcome to the dark side!

(Yeah.  The 'Brutus Boyos' let me down too!  Do you have any idea how many
Tigers there are here in West K-ville?  Ick!)

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