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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 18 09:20:38 CST 2008

Matt Warden asked:

>>Are you back in Cleveland??

Oh heck no!  Although I guess it took me closer to 39 winters
before I finally learned *my* lesson.  Brrrr!

(Some people are slow learners.)

I'll be up in Columbus this June to see my son walk.  Woooot!

(He'll be picking up a bachelors in 'molegen' ... which is, no
doubt, some Moreau-vian relation to one of Joel's "happy hampstuhs".)

We plan to spend a few extra days shuffling about Buckeye-land.  We'll
head over to kick some leaves in Hocking Hills, then take the two hour
drive up [more] North for a few days hiking on the back side of
Brandywine [1] before descending back into the inferno that is summer
South of the Red River.

If possible, I'd really like to get over into the (light) rock climbing
found in Virginia Kendall.  That used to be a lot of fun!  Hopefully
we'll get a chance!


[1] Brandywine is NE Ohio's lone ski facility.  Hence the roundabout
reference to 'black diamond' hiking trails!  No.  Don't bother planning
a trip there.  It's _not_ 'good' skiing.  Mostly chattery ice.  Horrible
place for a beginner like me to have learned.

However, it was convenient.  40 minutes from my old office in Akron.
I could leave work at 4pm, and be on the slopes by 5pm.  Niiiiiice.

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