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Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Fri Mar 7 14:39:47 CST 2008

Open tunings!!!
Open G:

my experience with youngsters is they need knuckles before they can get

why don't you just buy him Guitar Hero III?
he'll be playing "Skeleton Boy" acoustically in a matter of weeks

On 3/7/08, Joel D Canfield <joel at bizba6.com> wrote:
> > (Hmmm ... If I throw a capo in the middle of the neck, will
> > that help lessen string tension any?  Then he could play in
> > first position in the middle of the neck!  Dagnabit!  I ought
> > to know the answer to that - I just never fool with my dang
> > capo anymore ... I will 'speriment with it.)
> capo should work. nylon strings should be easier on the fingers, too.
> will playing in the middle of the neck really be better than just
> learning A D and E in first position?
> (as if I know anything about gut-tar playing.)
> joel
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