[thechat] Stiffed :(

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 03:06:39 CDT 2008

They seemed like such a nice, normal couple--I felt comfortable trusting 
them and just working, based on their understanding of my hourly rate. 
We emailed back and forth several times and they even took a month off 
(before I ever started working) to work on their designs and specs etc. 
so as to nail everything down as clearly as possible.

I then did the job, 90% done and my bill is about $2000 and suddenly, 
cyber-silence. I didn't even send the final bill yet. Yes, at the end, 
they were not happy that it was going slow (I have been very busy with 
several clients) but they didn't seem THAT unhappy.

A week now and just cyber-silence. They changed all the passwords (FTP, 
control panel, CMS) and no email no nothing. I don't know what happened.


Sad Fred

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