[thechat] Stiffed :(

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 10:37:50 CDT 2008

>> I used to require contracts and even payment up front but I don't like 
>> that, just because I'm more relaxed than that. Usually it works out, but 
>> you are right, I certainly will learn from this lesson...
> I hate contracts too tho it's the professional way to go... but if you 
> are going to work that way, get money up front and bill in much smaller 
> increments.

Just to share the other side of the coin: Someone hired me to be his 
contractor to find someone to develop a native app. The job was for me 
to find and manage a third party. So I found, eventually, an outsourcing 
firm in Europe. My contact there was willing (of his own accord in fact) 
to work on a $30K USD job with no contract and not a penny until the 
first major deliverable was delivered and approved, at which point we 
would pay him $10K for that first third of the job.

We accepted, he did it, he did MORE in fact, and we paid him his $10K. 
He is now closer to half done than 1/3 and we are continuing with him.

I guess everyone knows that sometimes it DOES work out well. :)

Thanks for writing.


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