[thechat] solar powered air conditioner

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 05:11:43 CDT 2008

Joel D Canfield wrote:
>> Europe or the Mediterranean, where I am presently located. :)
> wait; you get to live in Europe, and you're bagging on a poor guy who
> still lives in California against his will?


> just wait 'til I live in Ireland and we'll see who helps whom with
> whom's air conditioning issues.

Let us know when you move. We will then think of Irish jokes I'm sure. ;)

> I mean, in between harassing helpful folks from this neck of the woods,
> you might could build one. oh; just remembered, the little portable unit
> used three computer case fans. low power, nearly silent. plenty of
> cooling for the inside of a bus/caravan type vehicle.

Sounds a bit more complex then this ex-cowboy can handle. Unless it 
could be coded in PHP, I think I will opt for the standard electric variety.

Thanks! :)

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