[thechat] Guitar envy...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri May 2 07:45:41 CDT 2008

Martin Burns noted:

>>So apparently I have one of these babies http://www.line6.com/variax/  en-route to me

Hi Martin,

Happy Four-Oh!   ;-)

Lovely bit!  The Line6 electronic trickery has always been exquisite ... very clever chaps.  The more recent reviews I'm seeing sound like they have the physical hardware down now too!  Your new baby should be a *lot* of fun!  Congrats!

>>What sound do I try 1st..?

Hello??  Four-Oh in the UK?  _Clearly_ this calls for starting with a classic Ricky tone!!

The real question here is whether to outboard that to a modeled Vox AC15 ... or to the AC30!  Heh!


Hey, after you play with her for a bit you *will* have to get back to us on how you two are getting on!  Action.  Alt tunings.  The twelve string tone.   Pretty much all of it.

(Who goes 'McGarret' a week from Monday!)

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