[thechat] Guitar envy...

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon May 5 10:26:17 CDT 2008

Martin Burns sagaciously noted:

>>...it's because they won't let us have Harleys. Obviously.

>>Mind you, a Harley Trike for when I hit 60...

Ha!  ;-)  Dude!  Now *that's* funny!

'Course, it's probably only funny if you knew how much time I've put in on and off browsing sites and drooling over vintage British bikes!  Heh.  HD?  Surely you meant HRD.  ;-)

Unfortunately, there is just no way to get a deal on an early 50's Vincent over here.  Now, a mid 70's Bonneville is a possibility (I always liked the Bonnie 'look') ... but I'm not sure I could be bothered with the regular head decoking.  Ick!

... and then there is the VERY scary temptation in knowing that a mere $2400 could drop a crated, refurbished (although probably Indian) baby Royal Enfield on my front porch!

Ah well, back to Guitar:
Dunno which model you picked up, but the (very nice BTW) video here for the Variax 600 shows off some excellent 12 string and bottleneck acoustic blues tones.

Alt Tuning:
Hmmm ... I was gonna say 'My bad' for confusing their various product lines ... but it really isn't.  Dang these goober companies that put engineers in charge of marketing and product differentiation!  Yeah.  Uh huh.  Let's name our products 'Variax 700', 'Variax Acoustic 700', and 'Variax Bass 700' ...  cuz our customers will always refer to our products by their full and proper names!  Besides, this way we keep that 'Variax' family name in the forefront!  Great idea!  Especially when people set up a 'Variax 700' customer forum site!  Yeah.  ;-PPPP  Hosers.

Then again, this _IS_ Line6.  You could prolly run any onna them things thru a Pod, loop thru a Guitarport backend, and back out through a Vetta ii ... to get alt tuning capability AND a setting to wax your hog!

Have Big Fun!

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