[thechat] Help me name my lounge

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Tue May 27 10:13:09 CDT 2008

> I am going to abuse posting privilege here and use this 
> list's brainpower for personal gain. :)

that's a big 'yeehaw'-ain't it what thechat is for?

> where 60000 people work

sixty thousand? not six thousand? 

> So do you have any ideas for a name? It needs to be simple, not
> pretentious, and not some foreign name nobody can pronounce right.

According to Wikitikitavipedia, 

    "Madhu means nectar in Sanskrit and liquor in Tamil."

I mean, we're naming a lounge, and your own name means two kinds of
beverages? What's not to like? (In Casablanca, Rick's place is called
"Rick's Place"-can't beat that for precedent.)

I say just call it 'Madhu' and let people sort out for themselves if
it's you, some attractive woman (since, apparently in some regions, it's
a feminine name) or one of the aforementioned beverages. I think any
lounge named in Sanskrit would be way cool.

> Winning suggestions will get a meal cooked by yours truly personally,
> and a few drinks to go along with it. Or at least a 
> promissory note to that
> effect if you ever visit my part of the world.

Ooh; there's a reason for travel.


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