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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 3 08:00:06 CDT 2008

Joel D Canfield noted:

>>I had forgotten what incredibly mind-altering albums "Junk Culture"
>>and "Crush" were when I first heard them in the mid-80s.

Hi Joel,

Heh ... But at least you can still replace those albums with CDs for a decent price on Amazon!   Grrrrr.

I thought this "long tail" bologna was supposed to make replacing old/rare/forgotten stuff cheap and easy.  Right?  I've been finding lately that it ain't necessarily so!

I just spent $30+ to replace 'Impossible Dream' by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.  (What can I say?  I was in serious need of a "Vambo" fix! ... and I was ordering up a few Merle Travis albums to hear this Travis Pickin' thing firsthand anyway. Awesome BTW.)  Sure, this morning I see that everyone else can get it for $17!  Grrrr.  And what's up with the SAHB 'Live' album?  $80??  Eighty?  Izzat a typo?  Did they press the freakin' thing in solid gold?  That's just nuts!

This touched a nerve recently ... Can ya tell? ... when I was, (yes - I admit it), I was watching part of the 'American Idol' finale and wondering who that old fart was playing guitar with Brooke White.  ???   He sounded pretty good and looked kind of familiar somehow.  Eeeek!  Once I got over the shock of seeing how old Graham got I started racking my 'little grey cells' for the name of that fabulous album of his I used to have.

Check it out.  Amazon still wants $40 for 'Songs For Beginners'???  $40!!  N*F*W!  I downloaded the album from Wal*Mart for $9.72 or some stupid number like that.  Even remembered to grab a copy of 'Immigration Man' while I was there too!

Cool Beans!     :-)

Old Cranky Guy - RonL.

*I got my first copy of 'Songs For Beginners' on cassette.  When the album was new.  It was one of my "13 albums for a penny" selections *ahem* one of the times I joined the Columbia Music Club.  Back when you had to tear off those little postage stamp thingies with the album covers on them.  Remember those?  Yeah.  And we had to listen to them uphill ... inna snow ... while yelling at kids on the lawn ... and we _liked_ it!

Whoa!  It still exists??  http://onlinemusicblog.com/columbiahousemusic.html  Canadian residents only?  Weird!

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