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Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Jun 3 11:45:32 CDT 2008

I used to just look through those Columbia Music House ads and fantasize 
about joining... that was pretty cool.  for fantasizing.  You KNEW that 
they'd ream you if they got a chance though... but yeah, it was like, a 
zillion albums for a penny... just to suck you in.  Last I remember of 
"Columbia music house" my daughter was using them as stickers...

I never could understand why a person would BUY an album on cassette... 
they were practically the same price as records and apt to self-destruct 
at any moment... when you could just record from a record player..... 
and pick the songs you like..

My first ripped music was Beatles compilations made by placing a tape 
deck between the speakers.  At some point we got a stereo that included 
a cassette deck.


> *I got my first copy of 'Songs For Beginners' on cassette.  When the album was new.  It was one of my "13 albums for a penny" selections *ahem* one of the times I joined the Columbia Music Club.  Back when you had to tear off those little postage stamp thingies with the album covers on them.  Remember those?  Yeah.  And we had to listen to them uphill ... inna snow ... while yelling at kids on the lawn ... and we _liked_ it!
> Whoa!  It still exists??  http://onlinemusicblog.com/columbiahousemusic.html  Canadian residents only?  Weird!

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