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Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Jun 3 12:00:35 CDT 2008

When I was out trying to peddle my CD to independent record shops, the 
guy who owns Green Noise Records (that's a record shop... he also owns a 
punk label called Dirtnap Records) told me that in his shop, vinyl 
outsells CDs 5-1... and online, vinyl outsells CDs 10-1.  Granted, this 
is a niche store (punk rockers -- I guess they like to collect vinyl or 
they are just old)

This month's Rolling Stone (no, I don't buy that godawful rag I pilfer 
it out of my brother's mailbox when it looks like it contains something 
good and actually there is some good stuff this month dotted in between 
the "top 100 guitar songs of all time") has an article on the resurgence 
of vinyl, which I guess has been just the past couple of years... but 
still a niche.

I bought a used turntable back in 2000 cheap, but sold it again, simply 
because I live in a shoebox and my circa 1996 CD/cassette boombox is 
about all I have space for... but you know what... there are a LOT OF 
GOOD $3 RECORDS out there.  But me, I've always been the type to find an 
ubercheap record and take it home and play it, rather than to actually 
seek stuff out.  A lot of that is a financial thing, some of it is just 
sheer ignorance.  Even a blind pig finds a nut every so often, and if 
the nuts are only $1-3... you can afford to root around.


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