[thechat] Pet frogs

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Jun 3 13:47:33 CDT 2008

erik mattheis hopped in to say:

>>I picked up some poison dart frogs last weekend.

Hi Erik,

Awesome!  I've always liked the cute little Dendrobates!  ;-)  I had heard that the prices were getting to be pretty reasonable for the home hobbyist.  Cool!

Sooooooo, as the local pro now, is it true?  Do the captive boogers quit secreting the poison?  Even if you bag 'em?  Just curious is all.  Pay no attention to the blow dart gun over my desk!

>>some people literally fill their basement with 20 gallon vivariums.

Yeah, but those folks end up with a house full of bugs too!  Cuz with that many frogs you would have to grow your own food and there is just no way to quarrantine that many small bugs without a few 'scapees from time to time.

Good Luck!

Former Herp-guy,

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