[thechat] Setting Up a File Server

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 04:53:30 CDT 2008

> Start with Debian based - updating is *really* simple. If you go for
> pure Debian Stable then it does what it says on the tin - unless you
> explicitly define otherwise, you'll only get essential security
> updates (nothing for features). But they will be regression tested to
> death and back.
> If I were building my home server rn, I'd go for Ubuntu though - a
> nice balance between the rockness of pure debian and uptodateness.

I would definitely recommend Ubuntu or LinuxMint over Debian for one
without much Linux experience. Both are easier to use, in my
experience, then Debian.

But if you know Windows and Mac, why wouldn't you use one of those for
your server?

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