[thechat] Soy Milk Maker

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Mon Aug 4 13:40:02 CDT 2008

Iris wisely noted:

>>reminds me of the "great apple juice scare" in the UK a few
>>years ago where they suddenly claimed that apple juice is
>>really really bad for you until it came out that you'd have
>>to drink 20 litres a day for your whole life or something.
>>well, i've been drinking at least 1 litre of apple juice and
>>1/2 litre of soy milk every day for the last 20 years and
>>i still don't have any tits ;)

Hi Iris!

Oh, no.  I assure you.  Soy is quite dangerous.  Really.  Why, over this past weekend I got a tiny bit of soy in my eye.  Now, out of nowhere, I have a yearning to buy a new guitar! ... in a pastel colour!!  OMG!

So, yes.  Soy is evil I tell you.  E-v-i-l!


(Gee, El Reg has an "I'll get my coat now" icon ... Where's ours?)

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