[thechat] Wine Whine

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Aug 6 15:57:23 CDT 2008

Fred Jones noted:

>>use the add/remove programs app in ubuntu or directly in the Synaptic package
>>manager to add Wine.

Hi Fred!

Thanks for the input. Okay, I've opened the 'synaptic package manager' thingie.  Don't see Wine in there.  I will try downloading on a different machine tomorrow.  Is there a special place I need to copy the files to in order to get synaptic to see it?  Or can I toss it anywhere and browse to it?

>>to resize windows, the rest of us use our mouse and grab the corner and
>>drag it to make it bigger. if that fails, try a new mouse.


Um, yeah, that works - sometimes anyway!

My bad.  I hit two apps in a row where it didn't work (Audacious and ZynAddSubFX) and where it would be really useful and started wondering if this was covered in a config file somewhere.

Mouse resizing works fine for Synaptic, Agave, Gimp, Audacity, Superlooper, Kino, Stopmotion ...

I'll just have to check on an app by app basis.


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