[thechat] 10Volt --> wuz RE: when is evolt's 10th anniversary?

Kevin Freeman chaocoine at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 12:45:15 CDT 2008

That whole messgae is insanity

On 8/7/08, Luther, Ron <Ron.Luther at hp.com> wrote:
> Newly elected 10Volt chairmistress Erika (Boy!  Does _that_ scream for a
> t-shirt design or what?) noted:
>>>I really think it would be cool to do something for the 10 year,
>>>which sounds like it is indeed in December.
> Okay.  Pick a date or a date range then and git started!  ;-)
> 20-Dec is a Saturday, but is it too close to the holidays?  Should we back
> off to 13-Dec ... Or jump ahead to 3-Jan?  Or would you prefer a Friday or a
> Trout-Tuesday or something instead?
>>>I kinda like the idea of having a bunch of simultaneous mini-evolticons
>>>in major evolt hubs... something like that... maybe even a big one...
>>>take lots of photos, post them to the internets.  But I'm open to ideas.
> Sounds good!
> (Actually it sounds a bit like my sister's scrapbooking stuff, but eh, what
> the heck.)
> The only other old-timer in my neck of the woods may not be available to
> party-hearty (congrats again on the birth of their third boy earlier this
> week) but I can e-tipple and virtual-toast with the best of 'em!
>>>Also would be cool if someone did write a more involved history of the
>>> org.
> Yes and no.  *I* like it and there is a lot of good stuff and good people to
> highlight like our writeup in the IA book and all of the various other book
> things.  But it might be tough to put together a 'fair, evenhanded, and
> unbiased' account of the Dan-thing or the .jeff-thing ... knowhatimean,
> vern?
> Heh.  Was that part of the larger webgrrrls thing?  I always thought that
> was a good thing.
> Excellent!!  Good for her!  I remember Amanda.
>>>Anyhoo... LET'S DO SOMETHING.
> Aye, aye Captain!
> Anyone else hearing Micky and Judy saying "Hey kids, let's put on a show!"
> somewhere in the distance?  ;-)
> RonL.
> (I think Dave Kaufman set up the evolt Cafepress junk.  If you ask him I
> think he might either work with you or give you admin access to go in and
> add some kewl colours and stuff.  I still have my blackhat ... It was the
> first one we sold!)
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