[thechat] 10Volt --> wuz RE: when is evolt's 10th anniversary?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Aug 8 14:47:24 CDT 2008

.:| But it might be tough to put together a
.:| 'fair, evenhanded, and unbiased' account of the Dan-thing or the
.:| .jeff-thing ... knowhatimean, vern?

What do you mean? This is peace of cake:

I was unreasonable
You were unreasonable
He was unreasonable
She was unreasonable
We were unreasonable
You were unreasonable
They were unreasonable

Add to that stress, overload, backload, love affairs, divorces, employment,
unemployment, time and restraints and you get the things marked as
"dan-thing" and ".jeff-thing" (and probably a lots of other things as well).

You mean you need it better defined than that?


*the living one*

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