[thechat] 10Volt --> wuz RE: when is evolt's 10th anniversary?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Aug 8 19:51:40 CDT 2008

You know, I can barely remember what the Dan-thing was about (even 
though I do recall being in the midst of it)

and I didn't even know about the .jeff thing... I just got a brief 
update offlist but damn, that sucks, I liked .jeff and beyond that, he 
is totally in my area code!!!!

Anyway, honestly, I think it is entirely possible to focus on people's 
contributions to the org, rather than conflicts that may have led to 
their departure.  Evolt is a weird anarchistic org, isn't it? still? So 
of course there are going to be power struggles.  We experimented with a 
lot of stuff, organizationally... I honestly have no idea how it 
operates nowadays....

I think both Dan and .jeff contributed a great deal to the org, along 
with many others.  Both were key players early on and that's where I 
would focus: on their contributions.  I think I can be fairly detached, 
personally.  That's what I mean about perspective.


Elfur Logadóttir wrote:
> .:| But it might be tough to put together a
> .:| 'fair, evenhanded, and unbiased' account of the Dan-thing or the
> .:| .jeff-thing ... knowhatimean, vern?

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