[thechat] Home recording?

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Aug 11 15:06:06 CDT 2008

On 11 Aug 2008, at 20:17, Luther, Ron wrote:

> As Mr. Burns noted elsewhere, you can simply run your PodXT out to  
> an iMic plugged into your OSX machine.  Then start laying down  
> tracks in the bundled (and reputedly VERY nice) GarageBand software.

Oh yah - that kind of capability when I was a music student would have  
cost upwards of £100k and be branded Fairlight. And still sucked  
relatively speaking.[1]

If I'd have had it then, I would never have emerged from my room.  
Which was a close shave for the brewing industry.

Seriously, GB is basically the Logic Pro engine, with a nice consumer  
front end, less all the high end stuff.

[1] This when PowerPC was a far distant glint on the product roadmap.  
And System7 was very, very new. And yet even then we laid out whole  
newspapers on Aldus Pagemaker.
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