[thechat] I hate my email

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Sat Aug 16 11:42:47 CDT 2008

every day I delete about 10,000 spam messages from trash and spam
folders. (this is only my email; not the whole company.)

every day, amoral spammers find more ways to sneak through.

I'm seriously considering living without email for a while; just
shutting it all down. I wonder how much time I'll save? I wonder how
many customers will be happy to talk on the phone for two minutes
instead of reading an email? my Mom doesn't even own a computer. I'll
probably finally call her more often.

I know there are spam tools out there. For a business (that's me)
they're generally not free. I'm not ready to plunge into learning a *NIX
mail tool, and I've grown addicted to my Exchange box-which is probably
a major pain point, and reason to go through this.

Curious about *non*technology opinions.

Joel D Canfield
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