[thechat] what the

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Tue Aug 19 01:05:06 CDT 2008

Kevin Freeman wrote:
> What the crap is this [thechat] anyways?

It's awesome.

> How did it makes it way into my mailbox, second.

You subscribed.

> Third, where did the idea start?

Seventh Circuit Supreme Court.

> Does it get sent to everybody if I send it here?


> How does it do that if it does?


> Is it going through a website then get automailed out to the lits?

Welcome to the Internet.  Exits are here, here and here.  In the event
of a loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling as
shown.  Please affix your own mask before tending to others.

> How long is the list?

About this long.  No, really.

> May I take a peek at this list?

Show me your papers.

> Can I have some gum?

No, it's bad for you.

> May I be allowed to access your computer and it's remote controls?
> Do you people record your own music?


> What time is it there?


> How are you?

In the event of a water landing, please use the lifejacket under your
seat.  Life cots are available for infants.

> Love,



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