[thechat] evolt historical/organizational questions

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Aug 20 13:34:29 CDT 2008

1. can someone remember/provide a list of names of the original breakoff
crowd from monkeyjunkies?  here's my best guess:

Amanda Erickson
Daniel Cody
Bob Davis
Adrian Roselli
Jeff Howden
Martin Burns
Matt Warden

am I right so far?
& now I'm stuck....

2. when I signed on to Evolt, Cody had a (for lack of a better word)
leader-ly role... I saw him as being a leader... was there a structure to
the group, were we searching for a structure, considering a formalized
structure, maybe nonprofit status... did we get drunk and elect
officers...?  how did we evolve as a group?  & most of the less pleasant
partings that we experienced were the result of issues around power
struggles w/in the group, correct?

3.  is the group structure currently fairly anarchist, and is that working
for us?

4.  how many international Evolticons have their been?  regional? (not
looking for exact numbers on the latter, just a feel for what's been going

thanks for the help.  I can compile stuff if I can get the information. 
Too much info is better than too little.


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