[thechat] Citations? ... RE: evolt historical/organizational questions

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Aug 20 18:55:15 CDT 2008

The first evolticon was in Washington DC, februar 2000
The second in Austin TX, march 2001

Then there were few distributed

Toronto, september 200?
One more was formally organised for London 2003 (it was 2003, right?)

Re. The other things ... I might have time to answer properly later, but
iirc there's an article on evolt.org that cites almost all of the 35 of us
that were there at the beginning.

A few i remember that weren't mentioned in previous posts:

Solve Horrigmoe
Javier Velasco
Walker fenton
Isaac Forman
Vince in Florida ... what was his name again? One of the first hosts for
Marlene Bruce
Rudy Limeback

The list that Erica provided before, a few of them weren't there at december
14th, but joined in the early months, I'm not sure which was which :)

Others that joined early:
Scott Dexter
Jeremy Ash... damn, what was his name?
John Handelaar

This is just from the top of my head, with out any investigation.
I do have all the old emails stacked away in archive somewhere, dated back
to beginning of december 1998.
Maybe, if work slows down even a bit, i will have time to find them and zip
them and ship them to you erika.


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.:| Did someone here ask for citations?  (Dang!  Wazzat *here* or
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.:| Oh well, proof that that number "e" thingie was on the ball:
.:| * Dave McClean (damclean) was a founding member.
.:| * Chilean evolticon in April 2002:
.:| http://evolt.org/node/24973
.:| * Toronto evoltivcon in 2004:
.:| http://evolt.org/node/60361
.:| * Evolticon - London, November 2002 (note is from Marlene):
.:| http://www.digitizethis.com/journal/2002/2002.08.html
.:| * Evoltageddon 2 - Austin 2001:
.:| http://evolt.org/node/6160
.:| Other odd tidbits probably gleanable from the old 'community news'
.:| segment:
.:| http://evolt.org/community_news?from=0
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