[thechat] Citations? ... RE: evolt historical/organizational questions

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Aug 20 19:20:37 CDT 2008

Responding to my own email:
(yes i know, i should be in bed already, i just couldn't resist searching
with certain keywords on the site :))

>From my "what was then is now?" article:

"Our forefathers

I want to end this journey by remembering the names of the forefathers that
had the courage and desire to get evolt.org off of its feet. The following
is a listing of the people behind the email addresses that were returned by
majordomo when the "who guerillas" request was made at Feb 11, 1999 10:25:04
GMT. The order is alphabetical by first name, because that's what we always

Adrian Roselli, Alan McCoy, Amanda Erickson, Ben Turner, Daniel Cody, David
A. McLean, Dean Mah, Elfur Logadottir, Emily Christensen, George Valenzuela,
Isaac Forman, Javier Velasco, Jeff Howden, Jenn Coker, Jonathan Lim, Laura
Lynch, Marie Nygren, Marlene Bruce, Matthew Darren Innocent Hoesch, Peto Ug,
Rebecca Hanson, Ronald W Dorman, Rudy Limeback, Sheridan Chambers, Solve
Horrigmoe, Travis Truman, Vince Heilman, Wolfgang Bromberger.

Soon after, some left and others joined."


see a few other articles that touch upon the beginning:
(we always wrote flashbacks around the anniversary)


(writing as user 1 is walker, as the original code of the original evolt.org
website was based on his application).

Oh, and then there was the codefest:

there is probably more to be found on the site ... and I'll hopefully have
time soon to find some old evolt.org things in my archives.


.:| A few i remember that weren't mentioned in previous posts:
.:| Solve Horrigmoe
.:| Javier Velasco
.:| Myself
.:| Walker fenton
.:| Isaac Forman
.:| Vince in Florida ... what was his name again? One of the first hosts
.:| for
.:| evolt.org
.:| Marlene Bruce
.:| Rudy Limeback
.:| The list that Erica provided before, a few of them weren't there at
.:| december
.:| 14th, but joined in the early months, I'm not sure which was which :)
.:| Others that joined early:
.:| Scott Dexter
.:| Jeremy Ash... damn, what was his name?
.:| John Handelaar

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