[thechat] Thanks!! and...

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Aug 20 22:02:19 CDT 2008

thanks so much, Ron, I love citations.  And Elfur!!! that is a huge 
help. YAY!!! keep stuff coming if you can, please...

In the writing, I guess I won't try to go into a lot of detail about who 
did what when because I'm bound to make mistakes and leave stuff out and 
step on toes... & yes now I recall a bit more why some of the power 
struggles occurred.

The hosting/cost issue is of interest.  Is this a sleeping giant that we 
don't want to rouse?  Or should it be brought forward? If we are still 
actively soliciting donations, it would be good to have those facts and 
numbers, and/or if it's being happily donated, does the benefactor want 
to be known?  I don't know. I'm open to putting it out there, or not, 
depending on what y'all think.

Re: the energy of the community: IMO it is the nature of a mature 
webgroup (judging from the ones i am part of) to find sort of a lower 
holding-pattern and/or experience bursts of activity.  I think that's 
all natural.  I personally have completely detached from evolt.org (and 
for that matter, from web-building involvement overall) for months or 
even years at a time.  I think it's far healthier to take breaks than to 
run yourself into the ground...

I personally would like to re-energize evolt's content a bit, though. 
Evolt is historically as much a networking/content/community place as a 
web dev help list.   I think 10volt is a good time to re-energize.


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