[thechat] 10volt slogans

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Sep 25 10:58:08 CDT 2008

Dwayne Conyers noted:

>>Ten-tacles across the web...

Cool!  Another anime thread, eh?  I'm in!   ;-)

Hi Erika,

> evolt.org: 10 years of awesome!
> evolt.org: 10 years of mob rule!
> evolt.org: 10 years of rockin' the autism spectrum!*
> evolt.org: we were 2.0 before 2.0 was cool!

evolt.org: 10 years of forward!

Gee.  10 years.  That was ...

- When Google was founded.
- Back when IE was less than 50% of the browser share.
- Back before blink tags were deprecated!
- Back when only geeks ran linux ... Oh, wait!  Sorry.
- No Jesus phones
- No iTunes
- No iPods
- No Wii
- No DS
- No Xbox
- No PSP
- No PS3
- No PS2
- The year the DoJ filed the AntiTrust suit against Microsoft.
- When the iMac was introduced.
- When the FDA approved Viagra and, coincidentally, the year for Clinton, Lewinsky, and impeachment.
- The year BMW buys Rolls Royce for $570M and AOL buys Netscape for $4.2B.  Hmmmmmm.

And of course, 1998 will probably best be known for the release of the much beloved Windows 98!

Oh well, at least the X-Files were still on TV back then.

10 years! What a surprise!
10 years! Stuck on my thighs.
My brain hurts like a warehouse.
It's got no room to spare.

Sorry.  I got distrac... Oooo, something shiny!

Yup.  10 kinds of people in the world, Judah.  Those who can read binary, and ...  ;-P

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