[thechat] Celtic tunes on a Chapman stick (moved to thechat; was RE: [xforum] Challenging Drupal: Put up or shut up)

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Oct 14 15:07:15 CDT 2008

Well known author, Joel D Canfield, (well, better known than that Amchara chick that follows him around anyway) chideth thusly:

>>Yup, I really did edit this and move it over here just the yell at you.

Guilty, guilty, guilty.  Hey, I've tried searching for him.  The closest I've found is this guy: http://cdbaby.com/cd/andysalvanos - who is fun - but the Texas guy was playing a bit more lighthearted faster tempo stuff.

I have also just fired off an email to the local BBB type organizers of the Georgetown Texas festival last weekend, which is where I saw the guy, to try to get website or contact info.  (I'm a goober.  We *did* run through a festival in Salado last Saturday morning, but then we stopped in Georgetown to restock, ahem, essential supplies before heading home and ran into a _second_ festival ... which is the one where this guy was really playing.)  Too many festivals, too few doubloons.  Whatchagonnado?

>>Hey, my book release party for my biz book went purty good

Woooooot!  Awesome news!  You Go, uh, Joel!  ;-)  Hey, the videos were fun too!

>>... first song I've written since February's madness.
>>Vikings, Celts, boats, oceans, conflict and hope.

Hell, sounds like a 10Volt audio PSA to me!!  C'mon, we need some 10volt songs!


<well owed antitip>
I think we've bought from four or five of their locations and sampled pretty close to everything they offer.  We really like this winery!  In fact, we'll be ordering our own private batch as soon as we design some custom labels to put on the bottles.  I can most highly recommend the Blackberry merlot and the Peach chardonnay.  Two of my favorite sipping wines.  The Chocolate Raspberry port is a bit pricey, but simply to die for!  The San Gabriel Reserve is one of their new wines.  Very complex.  The Barolo and Sangiovese are excellent dinner wines ... let me throw another steak on the grill!

D'Vine wines:

Why yes, they *are* cheaper by the dozen!

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