[thechat] cube farm report #1

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed Oct 29 08:21:31 CDT 2008

Judah McAuley noted:


Heh.  See now, for me cuboflage is a fond memory.  Probably because it wasn't me.

I had a friend who did that once, back when I worked in a 'real office'.  The great part was that he chose *that* particular day to complain about how bland the colors in the office looked!

Classic!  Andy and I feigned looking around the office saying "I can _hear_ Marvin, but I can't see him!  He must be invisible!"

Great stuff,

(Who is presently Soylent Greening in a former manufacturing facility that has been converted into a cube farm sooooo massive we have to give visitors directions by the toys people have sitting on top of their cubes.  Seriously.  I'm over by the flying pig.  No, not that one.  The other flying pig.  The one next to the 'Nam helmet and the inflatable Munch 'scream'.  Do they sell dignity at Starbucks?  I'm needing some.)

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